Our Mission

The mission of North Country Listens is to be an unbiased facilitator and to encourage open dialogue and collaboration between all members of the greater Coos County region.  North Country Listens works to collaborate with a variety of community organizations to facilitate open, fair, and productive conversations on issues needing input, attention, and action from community members.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is that local communities in the North Country region create and sustain inclusive and fair public dialogue that leads to positive action and solutions.  Such strong local democracies can support a vibrant community and greater region that is an attractive place to live, work, and play for everyone.

Our Values

North Country Listens is an initiative or project of North Country residents who are interested in constructive problem solving and community engagement.  We are founded as a resource and opportunity for communities in the greater Coos County region.  We develop, promote, and encourage the process of community engagement in conversations about community issues.

North Country Listens will never take a position on a particular issue.  We are here to create the process that allows all residents to talk about the issues or share ideas – not to say what needs to happen or how to vote.  We want to get people together to talk about what is happening in the North Country without any ideological pressure or political agenda.

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