The work of public engagement relies on experienced, flexible facilitators. North Country Listens works with a growing network of local facilitators and facilitators in the NH Listens network. We support facilitators with a focus on skills and strategies for helping all voices to be heard and emphasis on impartial or neutral facilitation.

People who serve as facilitators for North Country Listens and New Hampshire Listens follow a pathway from participation in an event, attending a training, to serving as a recorder, to co-facilitating a group and finally facilitating their own group. New Hampshire Listens assigns trained facilitators based on experience, skill level, and project location. Anyone is welcome to become trained as a NH Listens facilitator.



North Country Listens hosts community conversations, civic-minded gatherings, and community building events. Check out the events page for upcoming events. Events are open to all. See projects page for examples of past events.



Want to learn more about civic engagement principals with others at your North Country organization or community? North Country Listens can present an interactive overview and share why this work is so relevant today in our communities and state.


North Country Listens is part of the civic engagement and deliberative democracy field. Our statewide partner is NH Listens. For more information about current projects and statewide and national organizations connected to this work check out NH Listens.


Do you have a project or a community topic that could benefit from a public engagment process?


Get in touch with us to discuss how North Country Listens could be a resource or partner to your community or organization. Email or call the NH Listens office 603-862-0692.