North Country Listens partners with local communities and organizations to create conversations that move challenges towards locally-based actions and solutions. Working with us brings nonpartisan, public engagement processes to the challenge your community is facing. Our approach and design helps guide the process, ensures broad outreach, and provides a lens for equity and fairness.

Our offerings are always tailored to each project, and may include:

  • coalition building

  • issue framing

  • facilitator training 

  • designing and implementing community conversations

  • strategies for recruiting participants

  • analyzing and reporting on findings from conversations

  • and planning steps to move from talk to action

The first step is always a conversation with us. You can reach us by email at or by phone at NH Listens 603.862.0692. We look forward to working with you!


What's happening right now in your community? Is there a topic that would benefit from engagement and input from a wide range of voices and perspectives in order to identify priorities and take action? 


Solving public problems is a challenging task, since members of the same community often have very different solutions to shared problems. Lack of supportive ways to talk about those challenges can lead to misunderstandings, which in turn may create hostility across competing views.


North Country Listens works with local and regional partners to bring people together for productive conversations that augment traditional forms of government, like town meeting or school board meetings. This may take shape as an evening gathering or Saturday morning event with food, information, and small group facilitated conversations. All voices are welcomed, heard, and input is compiled into a summary report to inform action and next steps. 

North Country Listens works with a project steering committee to frame the topic, design an interactive event, conduct outreach, and coach follow up action.

Project costs vary depending on scope, local in-kind donations and capacity, and ability to access funds. Some community projects don't carry a large financial cost but may require volunteer or in-kind support. Other engagement projects include design, framing, coaching, and report writing, such as local community conversations, and have cost ranges from $1,500 to $10,000.


North Country Listens will work with project partners to identify funding levels and sources. Core operational costs of this initiative are currently supported by the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund. Contact North Country Listens for more information about your project.

Does your organization, town, project or event want to involve a broad array of voices and perspectives to inform priorities and next steps? In addition to community conversations, North Country Listens can offer meeting and program design for public engagement.

We offer:

  • Candidates Night

  • Citizens Academy

  • Student, Teacher, Parent 'Voice' Gatherings

  • Action Forums

  • Focus groups for public engagement

  • Event or conference session interactive design